Supporting LIFE

Goal: Combating child mortality

In Malawi, the under-five mortality rate is 64 per 1,000 live births (in 2015). Many of these deaths could be avoided by prompt recognition and treatment of serious, common infections. This is why the 4-year Supporting LIFE project was launched on 1 May 2013. The project ended on 30 April 2017 and delivered, as the most important outcomes, the  Supporting LIFE App and valuable data on the effectiveness of such an app. The Final Report gives a more detailed overview of the project’s achievements.

Solution A mobile application for better diagnosis and treatment


The Supporting LIFE eCCM App (SL App) supports community health workers by guiding them through a series of questions that help them to correctly diagnose children.The SL App also supports health workers to measure and correctly record vital signs of their patients.

The SL App

The Supporting LIFE App replicates the WHO and UNICEFs validated paper-­based CCM decision aid.

Impact assessment

In winter 2016/2017, over 100 Malawi community health workers tested our app and researchers assessed the impact.

Field Trial

About our project

Supporting LIFE was a research project with partners from Europe, Africa and North America.