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  • The Importance of Form Field Validation: Lessons Learnt from a Feasibility Study of an mHealth Application in Malawi, Africa
    O’Connor, Y., Hardy, V., Thompson, M., Mastellos, N., Tran, T., O’Donoghue, J., Chirambo GB., Andersson, B., Carlsson, S., Heavin, C., PACIS 2016 Proceedings
  • Improving Primary Care in Developing Countries: The Potential of Electronic Community Case Management (eCCM) on Low Cost Mobile Technologies.
    Gallagher, J., O’Donoghue, J., O’Connor, S., O’Connor, Y. (2014) 
    AUDGPI (Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association of Departments of General Practice in Ireland) 2014.
  • O’Connor, Y. and O’Donoghue, J. (2014): Community Health Workers Participations in m-Health Pilot Studies within Developing Countries: Expectation Management. HCist – International Conference on Health and Social Care Informations and Technologies.
  • Wearable Vital Sign Sensors and Their Potential within Low and Middle Income Countries
    McCarthy, S., O’Connor, Y., Thompson, M., O’Sullivan, T., Ryan, D., O’Connor, S., Gallagher, J., Heavin, C., O’ Donoghue
    ECIS 2015 Research-in-Progress Papers