Project partners

The project comprises ten partners from seven different countries. The consortium is a partnership of leaders in complementary fields of expertise, creating a unique approach to tackle critical challenges in the development of the e-CCM device.

Imperial College London | ICL

Dr John O’Donoghue

Scientific Coordinator
Dr Nikolas Mastellos

Scientific & Technical Project Manager
Tammy Tran

Project Manager
Kanika S Dharmayat

Research Assistant
Siobhan O’Connor


Lund University, Sweden │ LU

Prof. Sven Carlsson
Dr. Bo Anderson

Luke International Norway │ LIN

Joseph Wu

Team Leader
Jenny Hsieh

Research Asssistant
Rebecca Wellence-Mtegha

Project Coordinator in Malawi
Duke Caeser

Mzuzu University │ MU

Nathaniel Chimbatata

Team Leader
Griphin Baxter Chirambo

accelopment AG │ ACCEL

Dr. Jeanette Müller

Team Leader
Thomas Gantenbein
Christoph Enz

University of Washington | UW

Dr. Matthew Tompson

Team Leader
Victoria Hardy

Research Scientist
Nicole Ide

Trial Manager

Pingtung Christian Hospital | PCTH

Dr. Joseph Yu

Team Leader

University College Cork | UCC

Dr. Yvonne O’Connor

IS Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Ciara Heavin

Project Co-Coordinator